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Foreign free website inclusion platform


The development goals of your website are at the heart of all our work. Our success depends on the realization of your target website traffic promotion in China and the global Internet. At present, we mainly support the development of the new website elder website elder website. If you have a website, please join us and join the largest catalogue platform in China. Now the catalogue is mainly closed 24 hours a day, as long as your website is healthy (it is forbidden to publish these websites: yellow website, porn website, gambling gambling website, fraudulent website, drug website, the above website is strictly forbidden), currently we Classified directory website: National website URL, let us sit down and agree what they are. Then we will come up with a plan on how to implement these plans online.

Free website inclusion release steps:

1. Enter the official website: http://www.2hzz.com/
2. Click on the left side of the website (registered) to register without verification. Any individual or business can register for free.

3. Enter the registration information: The registration interface will not be translated. Please use the online translation function to translate the registration information. E-mail information can use any mailbox, nickname can be filled in casually, nickname is not a login account, e-mail is your login account, Tencent QQ: If you can not use random Arabic numbers, for example: 123456, the terms of service can be seen The above part is a required field, so now you can register to complete your account login!

4. Log in to the background and click Submit Website. Please use the online translation page.

5. Enter the website submission interface, for the national websites, when you publish the relevant information of the website, you can directly use the local national language to publish. Select the category and use it directly in Asia. When the website is reviewed, the website will automatically sort your website into your country and automatically translate the language of your country into Chinese language. Fill in the name of the website as much as possible to reflect the theme of your website. Do not shorten the name as long as possible. The effect is good. Enter the URL: for example: www.2hzz.com, TAG tab: fill in the keywords of your website, fill in the website, fill in the website The approximate content, the server IP directly click on the back (get data), you can click the submit after waiting for the data acquisition to complete!
Note: After submitting, please join our friendship link at any position on the homepage of your website (keyword:国外网站, website: www.2hzz.com), after the friendship link is added, we will review you within 24 hours. Website.